Dear Alice,
My dad and I are moving in with his girlfriend. I really like her; she has a nice house and lives in a nice neighborhood,
but I have a choice of going to a different school. I kind of want to try being the new kid for once, though I really
don't want to leave my friends. Can you help me?

~Torn between two schools~

Dear "Torn between two schools,"
This is your choice. You have to figure out what you really want to do. Here's a suggestion: write down the pro's
and con's of moving. Then do the same for staying at your old school. See which one evens out more. Another
suggestion is talking to your dad about what he thinks. See if its possible to try the new school for a while and
if you don't like it go back to your old school. If you do like it at your new school keep in good contact with all
of your old friends.