The Dos and Don'ts of Fashion

Don't wear over-sized, baggy clothes they will easily make you look ten pounds heavier. external image clothes.jpg

Do wear form fitting clothes that fit close to the body, but not too tight.

external image 000nwcar1.jpg

Don't under any circumstance wear tapered jeans with a high waist (at or above the belly button).
They do nothing for you to make you look your best.

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Do find the right jeans for you. Finding the right jeans for you can be difficult but rewarding.
-Here are some tips you can use to help you.
-A dark wash is usually more faltering.
-If you are over 5' 4'' a boot cut could be just the thing.
-If you want to show off your curves try a skinny jean.
-Try finding a straight legged jean to hide hips or your thighs.

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