Hi, my name is skater7. I am fifteen and a freshman at Tully. Once a month I'll be reviewing skate parks in the area. This past weekend I went to Onondaga Skate Park in Liverpool. It is an overall nice park, and it was designed by skaters, so you will enjoy it more if you have a background in skating. They have a wide variety of ramps and it is also a BMX and in-line park. There is a bowl for you vert fans and the rest is pretty much for street skaters except for a few quarter pipes they have. There is a six set with a hand rail and another larger set with four steps, then a platform and another three steps. There are a lot of boxes, as well as a few normal rails and kinked rails around the park, too. Admission is $3.00 and please bring a helmet. If not, you will not be allowed access to the park.
Below is a picture of the park
external image skateparkskyview.jpg