Brigette's Journal

Tuesday, April 17th:Today I help Mrs. Killmore put together and hand out the guidelines for the next 8th grade assignment.

Wednesday, April 18th: Today I thoroughly emptied and cleaned the supplies that the students will be using for the next assignment.

Thursday, April 19th: Today I started on my scarf project.

Friday, April 20th: Field Trip

Monday, April 23rd: Absent

Tuesday, April 24th:Today I helped organize art work throughout the room.

Wednesday, April 25th: Today I cleaned the dye trays and dye holders for the 8th graders to use.

Thursday, April 26th: Today Mrs. Killmore was absent and I helped out with the 8th graders.

Friday, April 27th: Today I updated the showcase in the cafeteria. I replaced the studio art pieces with advanced art pieces.

Monday, April 30th: Field Trip

Tuesday, May 1st: Today I organized supplies.

Wednesday, May 2nd: Today I cleaned out my drawer so that another portfolio could be put in it.

Thursday, May 3rd: Today I started the art room's inventory- to see what supplies Mrs. Killmore will need for next year.

Friday, May 4th: Inventory

Monday, May 7th: Today I made the name tags for the 8th graders' scarfs and began preparing them for the art show.

Tuesday, May 8: Absent

Wednesday, May 9th: Today I attatched the name tags to the completed scarfs and filled dye trays.

Thursday, May 10th: Inventory.

Friday, May 11th: Inventory.

Monday, May 14th: Organized 8th graders' scarfs, refilled dyes & inventory.

Tuesday, May 15th: Today Mrs. Killmore was absent and I helped out with the 8th graders.

Wednesday, May 16th: Today I collected and labeled scarfs and continued on inventory.

Thursday, May 17th: Inventory.

Friday, May 18th: Absent.

Monday, May 21st: Today I ironed and hung up scarfs in the showcase for the art show.

Tuesday, May 22nd: Today I hung up scarfs in the second showcase.

Wednesday, May 23rd: Today I helped prepare for the art show.

Thursday, May 24th: Today I helped organize the art work that was taken down from the art show.

Friday, May 25th: Today I prepared snacks for the advanced art classes to celebrate the success of the art show.

Tuesday, May 29th: Today I worked on cleaning out my drawer & ran some errands for Mrs. Killmore.

Wednesday, May 30th: Today I continued cleaning my drawer.

Thursday, May 31st: Today I organized supplies in the sink area.

Friday, June 1st: Senior assembly.

Monday, June 4th: Today I started organizing the objects that are going in the graduation showcase.