"A newspaper produced and written
by Tully Jr. Sr. High School Students."
Volume 1, Issue 3
Student Editors: Rebecca S, Benny M, Marlee D
Teacher Advisors: Mrs. Whalen and Mrs. Killmore

Modesty vs. Fun

Ok, so I know that some of you have read my article in the Post-Standard about how I feel about "grinding" in public school dances. As people read the article, I noticed, as expected, that many of you disagreed with my comments on how that style of dancing is too personal and should be replaced with a cleaner dance style. I don’t mind opposing views. The following are some opinions that disagree with mine from fellow students at Tully Jr. /Sr. High School.
Rebecca S

One outstanding student says, “I understand your position and how you object to a preferably sexual dance. However, as long as I abide by local, state and federal rules, I do not see any reason with “grinding”. It’s my body, if I want to defile it, that’s not my business; it’s not so much as a defiling as it is having fun. I mean this: look at history. A person dancing has always been a controversy. In colonial America, men and women were not even allowed to dance together. In the late nineteenth century, waltzing and dances of that form were considered sexual and degrading to performers. Now, as many people believe, history has repeated itself. This time, the focus is grinding which is sometimes considered sexual. Deep down, it’s my prerogative on how I would use my body. It is just our way of dancing.”

More Comments Requested:
*Hey! I would also like to ask opinions on the live band at the prom. I thought that they did an extremely good job, for only three people, and they had a very large variety of songs that were easy to dance to. What does everyone else think?*
Rebecca S

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